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Rather than fill the Internet with even more fanboyish reviews or snobby attacks we've gotten permission from Page 45, the finest comic shop in the world, to use their stunningly perfect and frightfully comprehensive reviews.

Reviews July 2014 week four

“Whatever your childhood, it seems the norm whilst you’re living it. Obviously that’s not always a good thing.”

– Stephen on P. Craig Russell’s adapation of Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book.

Pictures That Tick: Short Narrative Book Two – Exhibition (£22-50, Dark Horse) by Dave McKean.

“There has to be a reason. God knows there’s no bloody reason in life; there has to be one in art.”

True, true and true. I cannot be doing with artistic onanism.

Thankfully Dave McKean has plenty to say and multiple skill sets with which to say it.

I cannot think of anyone else in comics with such high command of so many different media from sculpture to pen line and brush, through painting and photography and a great deal of computerised jiggery-pokery, often in the very same story. You could spend hours staring at the cover alone trying to decipher its many means of composition, but the comics themselves demand you move on which is exactly as it should

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Personal Hot Picks for the week of July 23rd

This week our friends over at 13th Dimension are taking a much deserved vacation and, therefore, lightening their load of posts. That means no retailer Hot Picks over there. I, obsessive that I am, am so used to putting them together so I can’t help but do it anyway!


Afterlife With Archie #6, Archie comics- The smash hit of the summer is back! When last we saw Archie and the survivors of his gang they were leaving behind zombie-infested Riverdale after suffering great losses. What comes next?! Honestly, what Segura and Francavilla have done on this book is stunning. They capture both the tone and characters of EVERY character perfectly while also giving us a slightly more mature world for them to inhabit. All this while replicating and amplifying the true spine-tingling horror that those classic zombie films still inspire. Pick up the first trade along with this issue on Wednesday- you won’t be disappointed.


Tales of the Batman: JH Williams, DC Comics- I know my erstwhile editor Dan, of 13th Dimension fame, will love this one- Williams, despite working on far less Bat-books than the likes of Bolland, Jones, and Adams, is one of the names often associated with Batman and this book will show you why. Spanning a nice number of years, you can see Williams style congeal and change and view exactly how he brought his vibrant energy and suspenseful pacing so deeply into the

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Reviews July 2014 week three

Bryan Lee O’Malley will be signing SECONDS at Page 45 on Monday August 18th!

Seconds h/c (£15-99, SelfMadeHero) by Bryan Lee O’Malley.

Out in the UK on Thursday August 14th

Katie had never liked cause and effect anyway.
“It’s a flawed system.”
Still, she had to admit that toying with the universe was a little unsettling.
“She did not. Katie admitted nothing of the sort.”

That will prove part of the problem.

Fresh from the creator of SCOTT PILGRIM and LOST AT SEA comes a big, bold, full-colour graphic novel, completely self-contained and weighing in at a whopping three-hundred pages.

If you enjoyed the authorial mischief of SCOTT PILGRIM then you wil

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Reviews July 2014 week two

“It’s the not-quite-right taking a turn for the oh-my-god-no!”

– Stephen on Through The Woods

Through The Woods h/c (£12-99, Faber & Faber) by Emily Carroll.

Emily Carroll has a thing for teeth. I wish she didn’t. It’s very upsetting.

And I don’t mean just jagged teeth, but teeth where there ought not to be, doing things which they shouldn’t. Wobbling teeth are most worrisome of all: imagine what lies behind.

Also present and most incorrect: woods, caves, families and intruders – infesting your house, inhabiting your body and eating away at your soul.

It’s the not-quite-right taking a turn for the oh-my-god-no!

Eerie and chilling, this Victorian brand of horror owes less to the likes of RACHEL RISING or FATALE and much, much more both in tone and style to Read more