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Personal Hot Picks for the week of July 23rd

This week our friends over at 13th Dimension are taking a much deserved vacation and, therefore, lightening their load of posts. That means no retailer Hot Picks over there. I, obsessive that I am, am so used to putting them together so I can’t help but do it anyway!   Afterlife With Archie #6, Archie comics- The […]

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Fan-Dumb Ep. 7: Jazz Cola

Mooseychan and I delve deep into the history of Batgirl and why her new costume is so Cos-friendly. This leads to a discussion about current design attitudes at major comic companies, which leads to talking about Alicia Silverstone and, somehow, Sealab 2021

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Fan-Dumb Ep. 6- Superman v Batman: Dongs of Justice

While trying to discuss DC’s upcoming Superman and Batman film we (not surprisingly, if you’ve listened to the podcast before) get heavily sidetracked into a discussion of Camp as an art-form and how it is perceived in Japan and America. This of course, means that we get into the old Batman show with Adam West.

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That is A LOT of comics. So much to do.... #NCBD http://t.co/3yKCEIOrrX

9 yr old in store:"Hey look, Star-Lord!" "Rocket Raccon!" Opens a Transformer comic: "METROPLEX!!!" #BuddingNerd