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Fan-Dumb Season 2 Ep. 30 – Safe Places, Racist Faces

Mooseychan and Menachem discuss what it really means for a comic shop to be a safe place, which leads to a discussion about retail in general vs. comic retail, which somehow leads to a conversation about racism and their respective up-bringings.

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Fan-Dumb Season 2 Ep. 29 – The Doofenschmirtz Shaminator!

Old school episode of us just us gabbing on and on.

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Fan-Dumb Season 2 Ep. 28 – The Aerial Vagina Hour with Stjepan Sejic

We Skype in with Stjepan Sejic and hear all about his time at San Deigo Comic Con last week. We also discuss his upcoming books, like Switch, his plans for Sunstone, his departure from Rat Queens, and Death Vigil.

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The great @Comixace walks that fine line of questioning, probing, and thinking but not attacking. Well done. https://t.co/6qFUbKoHIT

Nothing as excited as selling someone a comic they worked on! So proud of @orcagami and her digital work over at @Marvel!

Spent most of the morning cleaning and changing the non-comic section. @ Escape Pod Comics https://t.co/8cREbVFwd5

True, GREAT words that still apply to this day. Though the Internet has changed some of it. https://t.co/TT6TTbwbDR