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Fan-Dumb Ep. 28- Baphomet is the Reason for the Season (W/ Stejpan Sejic)

Our long-awaited interview with Croatian comic artist Stjepan Sejic who has just begun work on Image Comic’s Rat Queens and whose Sunstone GN comes out this week!

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Fan-Dumb Ep. 27- When the Fur Flies

Midwest FurFest Gas Attack discussed. And then it gets weirder. No, really.

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Fan-Dumb Ep. 26- Meesa Love You Long Time!

We discuss out feeling about the new Star Wars trailer, the Deadpool movie news, and all the other Marvel casting recently announced. We briefly discuss the Shia Labeouf rape scandal and lots of other things. Bonus: Mooseychan reads 1989’s Veronica in Japan comic by Archie Comics!

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PS our holiday music: Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Hendrix, Motorhead... or, at least, those were the last 4 artists to play via @pandora_radio.

You'll forgive me for not posting too much over the next few days guys... it's kind of crazy busy over here. (Yay!)

It's here! Our mega-interview with new Rat Queens artist @stjepansejic! As always, no boundaries in our NSFW podcast! http://t.co/EEDO4hLGzp

By far her favorite Channukah present this year. #MushroomHat http://t.co/6AzopaRvTX