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Fan-Dumb Season 2 Ep. 04- Gotta Have My (Hunie)Pops.

Yeah, this one is Realllllly NSFW. Besides for simulated sex noises (Courtesy of guest and star of Huniepop, the hot new Video Novel Video Game [I promise I am not making this up.]). We also discuss cosplay porn sites and, worst of all, announce that Chip Zdarsky will be a guest on an upcoming show.

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Fan-Dumb Season 2 Ep. 03- Imagine Magic Mushroom Pizza

As always, we go all over the place- but at least we actually review all the comics we planned on. Oh, and… that article making the rounds about the 7 year old girl who went to the comic shop for the first time. Also, Adam Sandler… we talk about Adam Sandler A LOT.

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Fan-Dumb Season 2 Ep. 02- It’s All About Image

We start off discussing Image Comics Expo and their big announcements and then we end up, as is our wont, going all over the place. But we do end up pulling it back to discuss Image and their style of branding and intense hype.

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"@CarlSmithWriter: 10:47 pm 1/31/15...I finished my first phone book! http://t.co/UXVh4D3GDC" so glad this is back in print!

"@CarlSmithWriter: Breasts are even more popular than monsters! @EscapePodComics #carlreactstocerebus http://t.co/vnIxBxsswm" timeless truth

"@comicsreporter: every time you think you know all the comics there are more comics -- http://t.co/8NoPxlAG0t" TRUTH