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Fan-Dumb Season 2 Ep. 33 – Hawaiian Rhonda Rousey

Mooseychan and Menachem discuss “classics” in terms of movies and then a converstation about Nani from Lilo & Stitch leads to a listing of Top Five Disney films.

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Fan-Dumb Season 2 Ep. 32 – Oppress Me Up Against The Wall

Mooseychan plies Menachem with Rye and then discusses Drake, Meek Mills, Wicked+Divine, Rocket Racer, Sense8 and all sorts of nonsense. It’s a short one, due to the drinking… but a good one, we think.

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Fan-Dumb Season 2 Ep. 31 – Shingeki no Trump

We briefly discuss the Deadpool trailer and the idea of Boycotting Marvel due to lack of diversity. But we actually spend most of the time discussing the GOP debate on Thursday and US politics in general.

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New @13th_Dimension article is all about variants & features the INCREDIBLE variant infographic by @strangeadventrz http://t.co/aTDNbxAMEj

A note to parents: a child too young (or intelligent) to know if 48 cents makes a dollar is too young (or dumb) to let shop alone.

ComicsPro is doing something called Local Comic Shop Day? That local shops have to pay for? ComicsPro can GTFO of claiming to represent me.

I'm seriously starting to think there are people who COME HERE to fart. Such is my life.