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Fan-Dumb Ep. 24- Whorefish

We go all over the place, as usual. From Bill Cosby to the cost of cosplay, from She-Hulk to Anna Kendrick masterbauting. GET HYPE.  

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Fan-Dumb Ep. 23- Forgot the Title but the Audio is AMAZING

We discuss Mooseychan’s upcoming Geek Goddess try-out and lots of other Cosplay stuff. Also, the “catcall” video that made it’s way around the internet a few weeks ago and Thanksgiving. Oh, and our Cosplay Sunday’s TV debut!

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Fan-Dumb Ep. 22- Sphincter Pixels (But Do Ya Eat Tha Ass?!)

The Podcast this week starts off strong: we talk Mooseychan’s experience at Babymetal, Marvel & DC’s giant upcoming events and even the death of Gwen Stacy… then it devolves into a horrifyingly long discussion about ass-eating. No, really. {ALSO: Clicking is still here, it’s clearly NOT the mic!}  

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RIP PD James, a novelist who always knew how to push the limits.

Driving home from my parents, singing Les Miserables with @FunnyShorts while sleepy children in the back goggle at us.

At my parents' house, we just watched some guy we don't know propose to one of my dad's students. Surreal.