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Fan-Dumb Season 2 Ep. 46 – Miss Pibby

We do some dramatic readings and then we spend most of the time on this week’s Mooseychan Reads book, Giant Days by John Allison and Lissa Treiman.

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Fan-Dumb Season 2 Ep. 45 – Goddamn the Goddamned!

Drunken Mooseychan rails on Roc Upchucrch’s ex-wife, whose recent article on the Mary Sue made the Moose change her side. Also: Starbucks Red Cup Controversy and Slave Leia Uproar! Mooseychan reads: Jason Aaron and R. M. Guerra’s The Goddamned.

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Fan-Dumb Season 2 Ep. 44 – The Phantom Jar Jar

We start with Mooseychan’s favorite, Jar Jar Binks finally getting some CRED out in the world and then Menachem blah blah blahs about the comic market and then Mooseychan reads Monstress and reviews it.

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How's everyone doing today? Good, you're all good? That's good.

Missing @conmantherad like crazy right now- mostly because I know how freaking thrilled he would be to see the store as packed as it's been.