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Oct. is COMICTOBERFEST! Signings & closings

It’s that time of year again! Not only are the Jewish Holidays right on top of us, but so is New York Comic Con! That means this year schedule of signings and events before and after NYCC is also the perfect place to list our Holiday closings The picture above should give you all the […]

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Fan-Dumb Season 3 Ep. 22 – Sex Shops Have Chains?

We start the conversation with some serious discussion about #BlackLivesMatters and the messed up state of the world, but then we give up trying to be intelligent and just talk and talk about Pokemon and PokemonGo.

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Fan-Dumb Season 3 Ep. 21 – A Short, Quiet Conversation About Some Hentai

Menachem Reviews Moosey’s Hentai Fuzzy Lips for Kitty media.

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Looks like this is going to be a very doll-heavy shabbos. Pray for me. #GoodShabbos https://t.co/8S9tRw9uF6

We will be CLOSED Monday and Tuesday. That means we need to get all the @stjepansejic & @LindaSejic stuff ready NOW! https://t.co/gNbc7kLUsS

Diamond ordering is DONE. Please keep in mind that if you didn't place an order for a book, we can't promise to have it. #RealTalk

I DON'T MIND TALKING TO YOU, BUT STOP BOASTING. I am so tired of people who just want to TELL ME what they have.