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Fan-Dumb Season 2 Ep. 08-You Go, I Stay. No Following

We really wanted to talk about all sorts of guilty pleasures, but we mostly just talked about movies. So many Meg Ryan movies…

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Fan-Dumb Season 2 Ep. 07-Comic Retail is HARD, Y’all!

Comic retail: Menachem bitches and moans about Convergence, Secret Wars, Diversity, the brilliant marketing coup of DC last week and more!

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Fan-Dumb Season 2 Ep. 06 – Hugo’s Gonna Kick You in Your 4 Year Old Mara

Saga #25 is read, so you get to hear Menachem talk a lot, at first. He says interesting things, like how loots of awesome comics won some great awards, and then it devolves into sex jokes and much discussion about anal sex, penises and video game characters that LOOk like penises.

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Which is worse: calling comic issues "episodes" or calling the ads inside them "commercials"? Asking for a customer who I'm eavesdropping on

About to start our @ImageComics ordering for Feb. SO MANY NEW SERIES!!! Also, @zdarsky.

Putting our Convergence orders together. Pray for @conmantherad and I.

File under: things really exciting to me that few others would care about. #ComicMarket @ Escape Pod… https://t.co/3Cvda1Xk36