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Page 45 Comic & Graphic Novel Reviews February 2017 week one

News And Reviews Underneath! Black Monday Murders vol 1: All Hail God Mammon s/c (£17-99, Image) by Jonathan Hickman & Tomm Coker. “The world we see is smoke… “And it’s all the evidence we need to know the flames are real.” Most of us have no idea. All we see is the investment bankers’ greed, […]

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Page 45 Comic & Graphic Novel Reviews January 2017 week four

Featuring Philippa Rice; Ollie Masters & Tyler Jenkins; Jim Woodring; Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips, Bettie B; Jason Aaron & R. M. Guera and more! News underneath! There’s someone fresh in the field of comics journalism and they are Exceptional! Kill Or Be Killed vol 1 s/c (£8-99, Image) by Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips, […]

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Page 45 Comic & Graphic Novel Reviews January 2017 week three

Featuring Kaare Anrews, Paloma Dawkins, Santiago García, David Rubín, Pat McHale, Jim Campbell, Rob Williams, Ryan Kelly and more! Includes much-expanded News Section below! Beowulf h/c (£26-99, Image) by Santiago García & David Rubín. “To idly live is to wait for death.” It won’t be long coming. I give it three pages. Even the first […]

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Tonight's (very late) Saturday night movie is Iron Man 2. https://t.co/GWYAA26pqB

I'm very much hoping @ulises_f & I can expand this program to more creators! https://t.co/o2aEoopY5Y

This shabbos is apparently going to be a metaphor about crass commercialism being a great trap,… https://t.co/ph9ZWYgVCw

Hold list customers, please have your orders from the March previews in by Tuesday night. Sunday… https://t.co/2TOFymlcAu